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Vertical Trade Show Entrance Design Makes a Visual Impact

Tony's Fine Foods collaborated with Visual Impact Design on the creation of their grand display entrance to their "th!nk Fresh Food Show 2016."

We set up two 13' towers of wooden crates, which were connected by a 9' banner featuring the show's title, serving as a welcome arch for attendees to walk through. The crates were filled with natural plants, herbs and edible plants (such as mint, basil, thyme, lavender, rosemary, cilantro and parsley), some which spilled over the sides. The crates also included produce, which was supplied. The display was a delight to visual and olfactory senses, from the eye candy of the colors and textures of the wood and foliage, to the scents of the plants, herbs and produce, making a lasting impression on anyone who walked through. We think this creative tower/arch design was definitely a "fresh" approach to a trade show entrance!

Photos by Visual Impact Design

th!nk Fresh Food Show 2016 grand display entrance

th!nk Fresh Food Show 2016

th!nk Fresh Food Show 2016 display entrance detail

th!nk Fresh Food Show 2016 - column of crates with plants and produce

th!nk Fresh Food Show 2016 - detail of crates

th!nk Fresh Food Show 2016 - right column
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