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Floating on Air: Bridget + Pat's Unique Floral Chandeliers

wed 035.jpg

We usually start our wedding blog posts with the ceremony or the bride's bouquet, but this time we're going straight to the reception. Why, you may wonder? This is actually where we started with bride Bridget – where it all fell into place for her – we then worked backwards from there.

When Georgia Barron, proprietor of Newcastle Wedding Gardens & Red Horse Barn – who is also a wedding & event designer – asked her bride Bridget “What’s the most important thing to you?” regarding her wedding, her reply was “Absolutely over the top linen, china and tablescapes…something really unique.”

Bridget noted that she loves tall centerpiece arrangements but doesn’t like having a vase in the middle of the table. “I see something tall, but I don’t know how to achieve that.” So Georgia and Cathy, Visual Impact Design's CFO (Chief Floral Officer), brainstormed floral designs. After trying out some ideas, we thought, “What about hanging arrangements? A flower arrangement suspended above the table?” Cathy designed an enchanting “floral chandelier” composed of white phalaenopsisorchids and crystals. Georgia added custom picked linens, china, chargers, glassware and stemware to the table beneath complete the look. When Bridget walked into the Red Horse Barn to see our mockup, she just about fell over! With the table designed, the rest of the wedding styling – including the floral designs – fell into place. The look was “Elegant Cowboy.”

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Gorgeous bride Bridget reclining on the lounge furniture in the barn!

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